“Scmum! Kumagaya” will start

The new slogan of the rugby town Kumagaya is “Scmum! Kumayaga”

The slogan, with rugby as its keyword, which will become the new guiding principle for citizens to come together for the advancement of the “Rugby town Kumagaya” initiative has been decided.


“Scmum! Kumagaya”


■The meaning behind the slogan and the logo
Through the idea that we want to create excitement in the city by forming a scrum together with everyone in Kumagaya, by combining “scrum” and “Kumagaya,” we have decided to rally behind the slogan “Scmum! Kumagaya!”. The logo contains the motif of two bears, which, by working together with joined shoulders, embody the teamwork-based ethos of rugby. These are the hottest polar bears in Japan, Suku and Mamu. Suku and Mamu love to take part in scrums with people they meet.


The Scmum! Kumagaya project is recruiting!


In 2019, rugby fans from all around Japan – all around the world, in fact – will come to this city. We want to treat them with hospitality. We want to get excited. We want to create. We want to start. We are recruiting people who want to and can do such things. As long as it’s related to rugby, no matter whether it’s food, events, goods, services, or volunteering, we welcome you to do anything to help us! Let’s all become one under the same symbol to further the excitement around “Rugby town Kumagaya”!


For details, please refer to the following recruitment page.