The 27th Saitama Rugby Festival was held on Sunday, June 2.

Other than the main event which was the match between Daito Bunka University and Waseda University (the 8th Kanto spring competition), there were onstage events, a hands-on rugby experience corner, and more, and everyone was able to get excited about rugby together. On the day, about 20,000 people attended the events.

The 8th Kanto university rugby spring competition

At the Kumagaya Rugby Stadium Saitama, 3,542 spectators cheered on the players enthusiastically.
Waseda University won the match, defeating Daito Bunka University 47-27.
After the match, a commemorative scmum photo was taken of players from both universities.

Onstage events

  • Scmum announcement
  • Brother Tom's talk show
  • Brother Tom's live performance
  • Rugby legends’ talk show
  • Live performances of Shikuramen and others
  • Yurutama Fifteen's rugby cheering stage

Gourmet booths of the 12 host cities of the RWC

Hands-on rugby experience booth and rugby fair

  • Rugby ball throwing
  • Target practice
  • Scooping up rugby ball-shaped super balls

(Concurrently held) Book market