Lipovitan D Challenge Cup 2018 Public Viewing in Kumagaya

For a Japanese national team which can challenge the All-Blacks! Passionate cheering from Kumagaya!

Public viewing of the Japan vs. New Zealand match of the Lipovitan D Challenge Cup 2018 which took place on Saturday, November 3 at Ajonomoto Stadium (Tokyo), was held at the community plaza in Kumagaya. While there were many scenes in which the strength of the world champions New Zealand was overwhelming, the Japanese national team fought tenaciously. Everybody, the fans and the personalities alike, passionately cheered until the end, with their eyes set on the large vision.

The personalities’ dialogue was bursting with fun!

The singer and model Miri Tanaka, who loves rugby, the comedian Koniwa, Rugby World Cup 2019TM host city special supporter (Kumagaya, Saitama) Erina Dawkins, former Japan national rugby team member Takashi Miyake, Japan women’s rugby sevens team member Chiharu Nakamura, and players of the Panasonic Wild Knights appeared on screen. They spoke about specific points about rugby and provided match commentary.

There are loads of onstage events and booths!

The program was full of events which raised excitement about rugby, from a mini live performance by Shikuramen, who sang Kumagaya rugby cheering songs, to the city’s middle school rugby club and Kumagaya West High School’s dance club’s rugby cheering performance. In addition, there were booths where one could enjoy gourmet foods from Kumagaya as well as foods from the opponent country New Zealand, as well as a petting zoo. There was something for everyone, from children to adults, to enjoy.

The venue will become a fan zone during next year’s Rugby World Cup 2019TM, with public viewing and shops selling food and drinks. Preparations are being done for events which everyone can enjoy.

  • Watching the match
  • Chiharu Nakamura and the players of the Panasonic Wild Knights
  • Erina Dawkins, Koniwa, Nyaozane
  • The host Miri Tanaka
  • Shikuramen
  • The raffle