Hospitality Area

A “Hospitality Area” will be established for the fans who will visit on the three days on which matches in Kumagaya will be held in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. This Hospitality Area will introduce the traditions, sightseeing spots, and specialty products of Saitama Prefecture and its 63 cities, towns, and villages.

The Hospitality Area will not only showcase Saitama Prefecture’s cities, towns, and villages, but will also provide information about the countries which will be competing at Kumagaya Rugby Stadium. There will also be a food and drink booth which will serve Saitama Prefecture’s famous foods in addition to local cheap and delicious foods.


On the main stage and in the outdoor performance areas, there will be exciting traditional arts and Japanese drum performances such as workmen’s chants and lion dances.

The Hospitality Area will open three hours before the start of each match and will close an hour and a half after the end of each match. Feel free to stop by for pre-match food, and after the match to buy regional specialties.


※The Hospitality Area will not be open after the match on September 24th.

Location: Sainokuni Kumagaya Dome, Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park

Illustration of the Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park

<strong※Kumagaya Dome is approximately ten minutes on foot from the Kumagaya Rugby Stadium.

Opening dates and times

Tuesday, September 24th – 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
    (Russia vs. Samoa – match time: 7:15 pm-8:50 pm)

Sunday, September 29th – 11:00 am-5:30 pm
    (Georgia vs. Uruguay – match time: 2:15 pm-3:50 pm)

Wednesday, October 9th – 10:30 am-5:00 pm
    (Argentina vs. USA – match time: 1:45 pm-3:20 pm)

※The Hospitality Area will be closed during each match and will reopen when the match finishes (excluding September 24th).

Display Contents

■Exhibition displays about Saitama Prefecture and its cities, towns and villages; traditional cultural experiences; handicraft-making demonstrations; introductions to the countries which will be competing at the Rugby World Cup; etc.

■Sale of specialty products, local sake, local famous foods, local cheap and delicious foods, etc.

※The sale of gifts and take-home items will commence after each match.

Planned performance schedule (main stage and performance areas)

1.Tuesday, September 24th


  • Musical performance from the Kawagoe Festival
  • Lion dance (Kumagaya city)
  • Chichibu festival float musical performance
  • Yorii marching band troupe

2.Sunday, September 29th

  • Saitama Prefecture Construction and Civil Engineering Association (workmen’s chant)
  • Japan Taiko Association
  • Lion dance from Azeyoshi, Ageo
  • Triple time Kagura (god-entertainment dance) performance (Minano town)
  • Tokorozawa city’s sightseeing ambassador “JAY'S GARDEN”

3.Wednesday, October 9th

  • Musical performance from the Kawagoe Festival
  • Lion dance (Kumagaya city)
  • Saitama Prefecture police band
  • Yorii marching band troupe

※Moreover, on each date, musical performances will be held on the Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival’s parade float.

  • Parade float (Arakawa ward)
  • Parade float (Ginza ward)

Gourmet food information