【Notes】 Regarding the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Kumagaya, Saitama

[Important] [Relaxing restrictions on prohibited items for game venues]
It was forbidden to bring food and drink into the game venue, but only food (amount that can be consumed by individuals) is now allowed.




〇Regarding events near the venue



Other points to note

The following was observed at the Lipovitan Challenge Cup on September 6th.
・Long waiting times until doors were opened
・Long waiting times at food and drink booths within the venue

As doors will open two hours before the start of each match, please feel free to come ahead of time and enjoy food and drink, etc. at the following locations.

①For fans coming from Kumagaya Station ⇒ The fan zone at the shuttle bus boarding point
②For fans coming from other stations or the park and ride ⇒ The Hospitality Area in Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park


Regarding the seating plan at Kumagaya Rugby Stadium

Please confirm the location of your matchday seats here.

Map of the venue’s surroundings


*The map around the venue can be downloaded from here.

To welcome the world with national anthems!

Let’s cause a sense of exaltation unique to the Rugby World Cup at Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, by welcoming the world with national anthems and singing them with our arms around each other!


*Please download the lyrics of each national anthem from below.

Lyrics of Russian national anthem “Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii”

Lyrics of Samoan national anthem “The Banner of Freedom”

Lyrics of Georgian national anthem “Tavisupleba”

Lyrics of Uruguayan national anthem “Himno Nacional de Uruguay”

Lyrics of Argentine national anthem “Himno Nacional Argentino”

Lyrics of U.S. national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner”