Host city’s special supporters

Let’s liven up this once-in-a-lifetime chance together. Host city’s special supporters (Saitama/Kumagaya)

The celebrities who come from Saitama has risen to liven up the Rugby World Cup 2019TM hosted by Saitama/Kumagaya. They’re called “Host city’s special supporters (Saitama/Kumagaya)”
Their activities include participating in events and promoting in social media. We expect more from the activities of supporters.

Who are the special supporters?
In the host city of the Rugby World Cup 2019TM, in order to domestically and internationally spread word about the RWC 2019 TM Japan tournament, host city’s special supporters were formed.
Celebrities, etc., whose origins are from Saitama are subject to be one of the special supporters. Their activities include advertising the Rugby World Cup 2019TM domestically and internationally and participating in events organized by the host city.

Toshiaki Kasuga (AUDREY)

Now that I’m chosen to be as a supporter, I will be proactively promoting the event. I will spare no effort in promoting with SNS, participating events, judging games?, coaching?, constructing stadiums?, and more. So, everybody, I’ll wrap it up with what you know. On count 3. 1, 2, Toas!

Erina Dawkins

Once every 4 years, the Rugby World Cup is held and I greatly look forward to the events where everybody naturally gathers and parties and generate an energetic atmosphere. I especially think about how women can enjoy it and I hope they spend a great time. 

Hello! Project (old and current members) Team Saitama

Hello. All 9 of us come from Saitama, and we are looking forward to seeing rugby games that aspire to reach the world’s highest level, in our hometown, Saitama. All of us rarely gather, but we will promote this tournament through each of our shows and in social media.

  • Miyabi Natsuyaki
    (PINK CRES.)
  • Maimi Yajima
  • Saki Nakajima
  • Chisato Okai
  • Reina Yokoyama
    (Morning Musume ’19)
  • Akari Takeuchi
  • Tomoko Kanazawa
  • Ayano Hamaura
    (Magnolia Factory)
  • Kokoro Maeda
    (BEYOOOOONDS/Kawaumi Amenomori)