One-year-to-go Event

One-year-to-go Event

Commemorating one year until the tournament, on Sunday, September 23, we held events, such as the appointing ceremony of special supporters of the host city, rugby games of host cities, and a tour of Kumagaya Rugby Stadium.

  • Address of a commemoration stage organizer (Kiyoshi Ueda, Saitama prefecture governor)
  • Address of a commemoration stage organizer (Kiyoshi Tomioka, the mayor of Kumagaya City)
  • Appointment ceremony of special supporters of the host city
  • Host city’s special supporters (Saki Nakajima and Ayano Hamaura)
  • Host city’s rugby game (All Saitama, Kumagaya Vs All Iwate, Kamaishi)
  • Appointing ceremony of Yurutama Fifteen
  • Tour of Kumagaya Rugby Stadium

Rugby festival of Kumagaya City

Free rugby classes were given by ARUKAS KUMAGAYA and the women rugby club of Rissho University and stalls were opened to offer Kuamagaya’s specialty gourmet such as Kakigori (Yuki-Kuma).

  • Free rugby classes

Greater Kumagaya Organic Festival 2018

Musical performances and talks were made on the stage, featuring the themes, Organic (Organic relations) & Sustainability, and Homegrown (hometown love). Furthermore, many food stalls were open and it was the first “fashionable” outdoor music festival in Kumagaya.

  • Music performance stage
  • Fashionable and unique stalls