Rugby World Cup 2019 100-days-to-go event

Rugby World Cup 2019 100-days-to-go event

Rugby World Cup 2019 100-days-to-go event was held on Sunday, June 16 at Kanezuka Park in front of Omiya Sonic City. In addition to the ceremony marking 100 days before RWC2019, there were also live stage performances and street rugby. Furthermore, Yurutama Fifteen appeared in the venue and entertained the audience.
About 21,000 people attended the event.

100-days-to-go event ceremony

  • Unveiling ceremony of the count-down photo art
  • Display of the theme song “Saitama-ken no Uta" from the hit movie "Fly Me to the Saitama." (Hanawa)
  • A group photo with the audience

Live stage

  • Shikuramen
  • KAGAJO☆7

Public recording of J:COM's “Saitama no gyakushu" (Saitama's counter-attack)

  • A talk show by media personalities whose hometown is Saitama
  • Hanawa’s Saitama pose
  • The grand finale, Hanawa enthusiastically performed the song that conveys Saitama’s charm, “Sakihokore Saitama”

Other stage events

  • Rugby support troop (Yurutama Fifteen!)
  • Blackboard art performance by Omiya Koryo high school fine arts club
  • Ink wash painting performance (Yuuki Nishimoto)
  • Japanese drum (Japan Taiko Association)

A Try-Rugby section and rugby fair

  • Street rugby 1
  • Slow target
  • Rugby fair

Gourmet booths from 12 cities hosting RWC

  • Kumamoto prefecture, Kumamoto city
  • Shizuoka prefecture
  • Aichi prefecture, Toyota city
  • Kobe city
  • Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka city